18 Apr

Thanks to Arnold on @PucaTrade the family is complete!!! THANK YOU! http://ift.tt/1ph1uFg

— Drew Parvu (@Bountiehunter) April 14, 2014

18 Apr

@PucaTrade #Puca-mail going out http://ift.tt/1lelCWH

— Mason R. Talley (@dinnearash) April 11, 2014

Magic Photo by laysanrail

17 Apr
Lol #hinthint #pucatrade

(PucaTrade is a new way to trade MtG cards online).

17 Apr

@PucaTrade Another awesome puca mail day. http://ift.tt/1hQusHO

— Skurpio (@Skurpio) April 11, 2014

17 Apr

It’s a @PucaTrade day! http://ift.tt/1eNYxHM

— link (@moxbant) April 11, 2014

16 Apr

@PucaTrade Love pucamail. Tell me again Y U R not pucatrading? http://ift.tt/1eS3km8

— Skurpio (@Skurpio) April 10, 2014

16 Apr

I got two pieces of @PucaTrade mail today. Totally did not plan this ahead of time. @Capinahab http://ift.tt/1gB2lHv

— Elliot Scott (@Hackworth) April 10, 2014


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